Original Panna Stone for Mercury Planet

Panna is a Beautifull precious stone that represents the planet Mercury, The Powerfull effects of Panna Gemstone are most popular , As Per Astrology Its is Said that They say that the wearer of an Panna Stone gets a powerful Sharp mind and Gives a Person fantastic Growth in education Panna is Also a Gemstone for Businessmen and Helps Take Rational Decitions in business Its Very Helpfull in creative fields such as writing. Panna gemstone increases the brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills and speech. Peoples whose Mercury/Buddh is weak in their Horoscope Or Who Have Mercury in Pisces Rashi in their Horoscope Should Definitely wear a Panna. Wearing a Gemms Stone Helps You make your mind sharper.

Benefits of Panna Gemstone

Panna Gemstone or EMERALD in English is the Best gemstone for strengthening of The Planet "MERCURY" in any Persons Horoscope . Persons Having Weak Mercury in their Horoscope Should Always Wear a Good Quality and Energized Panna on the Smallest Finger of their hand.

Mercury is the son of the moon by his wife Rohini and Its Best Stone is Panna Stone Planet Mercury Buddha is regarded as the prince among the nine planets in Astrology. In the human body Mercury Planet represents wisdom and voice and Communication skills. Panna stone has the capability to increase the power of Thinking and reasoning, Panna Gemstone is the Best Gemstone to Take Advantage Planet Mercury and the Benefits of Planets Mercury in your Horoscope. Emerald is a symbol of love and generosity. An Emerald gifted by your beloved will bring you good fortune. Emerald gives auspicious results to people whose birth-sign is Gemini and Virgo. Panna Gemstone is Also Very Effective Gemstone for Persons who suffer from Emotional Disturbances and A troubled mind.

Top Ten Best Benefits of Panna Gemstone

  • Panna Gemstone Helps in Communication Skills and Helps in Positive Thinking and Rational Calculations. Creative People Benefit a Lot by Wearing a Panna Gemstone Ring.
  • Mercury is the Planet of Intelligence as Per Astrology , Thus Wearing a Panna Gemstone Bestows a Person with Good Intelligence and intellectual progress to the wearer.
  • Panna Gemstone is an Excellent and Powerful Gemstone for Children who find Difficulty in Concentration and Helps in Studies and Education.
  • Children who are Slow Learners and are Unable to Pick up the Subject Fast are definitely required to wear a Panna Gemstone .
  • It is an Excellent Gemstone for Persons Born in the Ascendant or Rashi of Virgo and Gemini . For Both Virgo and Gemini Persons Its Helps a Person Grow in their lives as Their Prospects and Opportunities Grow Immensely after wearing a Good Quality Panna Gemstone . Thus You can Also Gift a Virgo or a Gemini Person a Panna Thus this will Help him Grown Immensely in Life.
  • Persons Who have Lac of Confidence and Cannot Speak in Public and Low on Confidence are Required to wear a Panna Gemstone to Increase their Communication skills
  • Wearing an Energised Panna Gemstone Reduces Negative effects like Sleeplessness Insomnia nightmares and evil thoughts are nullified by the use of this gemstone. Increased peace of mind helps the person perform better and lead a harmonious and prosperous life.
  • It is also Believed that wearing a Panna Gemstone reduces mental stress and keeps blood circulation normal and regular Helps in giving A balanced Mental stand and the ability to understand complex things of life with ease.
  • As Per Medical Astrology A Panna Gemstone Assists in overcome speech difficulties and can be very Helpful for Persons Suffering from respiratory difficulties , nervous disorders and Skin allergies.

Dos and Donts while wearing Panna gemstone.

  • Panna is an Extremely Delicate Stone and Reacts Negatively to Hot Water , Its Best to Avoid Hot water Coming in contact with the Panna Gemstone .
  • Hot Water Can Badly Damage the Panna and Can Lead to Cracks.
  • Do Not Exchange your Panna Gemstone with Other or Do Not Give your Panna Gemstone to anyone else to wear.