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PANNA Gemstone

as it is commonly is a Best gemstone for The Planet “ MERCURY”. The planet Mercury is regarded as the prince among the assembly of nine planets. Mercury is the son of the moon by his wife Rohini. In human body Mercury represents wisdom and voice. According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as “marakata,” meaning “the green of growing things.” The name as we know it now is believed to have come from an ancient Persian word, translated into Latin as “smaragdus,” and eventually over time, corrupted to “emerald” . According to Indian mythology, the word emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as marakata.

Also children who cannot concentrate properly in their Studies and their focus is Diverted can benefit from wearing a Panna gemstone Panna Emerald Gemstone it increases focus and concentration in individuals, especially children.

Panna Gemstone has the capability to increase the power of reasoning . Negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits are invalidated by the use of this gemstone. Better peace of mind helps the person perform better and lead a tuneful and prosperous life.The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. The emerald is said to bring the wearer reason and wisdom . For some the emerald acts as an Antidote for Persons with Emotional Disturbances and A troubled mind. If Mercury is afflicted by malefic planets and placed in weak position in ascendant one is likely to face disputes, litigation, and loss through theft, loss due to fraud, cheating and forgery.

Emerald is a symbol of love and generosity. An Emerald gifted by your beloved will bring you good fortune. Emerald gives auspicious results to people whose birth-sign is Gemini and Virgo.  Panna Emerald is a kind of gem should be worn by people who only seek to amass wealth and are primarily engaged with finances, commission, agencies and marketing sales.Wearing these gems often gives instant money


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Panna gemstone Benefits Emerald Benefits Best Panna Emerald

Natural Genuine Green Emerald natural Panna Price Per Carat

  • Emerald is a gemstone, and a variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.
  • Emerald  has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the 10-point Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
  • Most emeralds have Inclusions . Emeralds are Available in Different Shades of Green.  The More Dark the More Expensive .

Emerald Price Panna Price Gemstone Mumbai Price per carat Wholesale Price

  • Regular Quality EMERALD ( Panna ) Gemstones Price Starts from Rs 800 per Carat onwards.
  • Fine Quality Quality EMERALD ( Panna )  Gemstones Price Starts from Rs 1200 per Carat onwards..
  • Super Fine Quality EMERALD ( Panna )  Gemstones Price Starts from Rs 2500 per Carat onwards.

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Natural Panna Emerald Hor to Wear Procedure to weal a GemstoneHOW TO WEAR A PANNA EMERALD GEMSTONE

  • Minimum weight of EMERALD ( Panna )  should be 3.25 Carats.
  • EMERALD ( Panna ) should be studded in ring in Silver Ring.
  • EMERALD ( Panna ) should be worn in the Smallest Finger.
  • Day for wearing EMERALD ( Panna ): Wednesday .
  • Time for wearing: The best time to wear this gemstone is at sunrise.
  • ON A Wednesday  Morning.
  • Put EMERALD ( Panna ) ring with a Cup with a mixture of 1 spoon curd , 1 spoon Honey , 1 Spoon Milk ,  Spoon Sugar , Spoon Ghee. 

  •  They do your regular Morning Prayers.

  • After your Regular Prayers, Take this Ring out of the Above Mixture and wash it with Water or Ganga Jal.

  • Wear the EMERALD ( Panna ) Ring and Say the following Mantra .


  • After Wearing the  Panna Ring you  should donate any Green item like Green Daal , Palak to Any poor persons or Feed Green Grass to the Cow on this day to draw the best benefit of the Emerald Gemstone Ring.


TAKING CARE OF AN EMERALD GEMSTONE : Emerald is a delicate Gem-Stone Avoid sharp impacts on the stone with exposed points, Clean with cold water, detergent, and a soft brush. Do not use commercial jewelry cleaner as they can damage the gemstone. Also avoid sudden temperature changes. Do not Bath with he Gemstone Ring on you . Warm / Hot Water may Spoil the Gemstone" 

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